NewsMail reporter and avid Queenslander Geordi

look Origin jersey a bankable winner for Bundy

“We have a lot of customers lined up nationally to attend games and various other experiences including captain runs, fan day attendance, locker room experiences and other exciting opportunities,” Mr Barrett said.

“If you support Queensland then there also never been a better time for Bundy to shop locally and bank with their local bank rather than those big city banks! Go Queensland.”

Queensland head coach Kevin Walters is a fan of the jersey new design, which incorporates elements that pay homage to Queensland past warriors, but also gives a directive towards the future. NewsMail reporter and avid Queenslander Geordi Offord is also a big fan. “I really like the simplicity of the jersey, and the simple design really makes the bold maroon colours stand out,” Ms Offord said ## ## .

“The white stripes going across the chest also give a bit of a retro feel and pays a bit of a homage to the jerseys worn by players in 1991 and 1995.”

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